An Expert Tree Service You can Rely On!

We, at Custom Cut Tree Service, believe that your trees are essential, not only for the beauty of your property, but as a natural resource on our earth. That is why our expert team is dedicated to the health of your trees, through delivering one-of-a-kind tree service and catering to all your tree care needs! Our mission is to provide the maintenance your trees need in order to have healthy, long-lasting lives.

treesCustom Cut Tree Service has been proudly serving the tree care needs of the Middleburg,, PA area for more than 30 years. We have an expert staff of knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled specialists. We are ready to help you with any tree service you may need. From pruning to emergency tree removals, we are your tree care support team. The professional care of trees means that they are not endangering property or people, they are not overcrowded, and that they stay disease-free and grow properly.

Since 1983, we have been providing superior tree care, excellent customer care, and have an exceptional safety record. Our tree care specialists stay up-to-date with the latest in tree maintenance, and disease prevention. We pride ourselves on delivering top quality results, at market-competitive and affordable rates. We can help you with a wide array of tree services in Middleburg,, PA, including tree pruning, trimming, removal, etc. New tree planting can seem a daunting and complex task, but our team can help you.

We will make sure your trees are safely planted in locations suitable for their potential growth, future adult size, as well as at a safe distance from your home and other structures.

Call us now at (570) 837-1986 to find out more about our tree service, and let us know how we can be of assistance to you! We look forward to working with you.